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Have you been putting off seeing a foot specialist in Sugar Land for your toenail fungus? If so, you may be compromising your foot health. Toenail fungus may begin as one a minor concern, but as with many foot conditions, delayed treatment can result in progressively serious complications.

Nail Damage

toe mail damage

Your toenails are integral to your overall foot health. They also serve an important aesthetic role. When you allow toenail fungus to persist, though, you may be risking the wellbeing of your nails. This condition can compromise the body’s ability to keep your toenails attached to the skin. It might even lead to toenail loss that cannot be replaced with new nail growth. A toe fungus doctor can address this potential complication of toenail fungus before it produces permanent foot disfigurement.

Skin Infection

Skin infections can be cosmetically adverse and physically uncomfortable. They may also be difficult to address when you have an active toenail fungus. If left unchecked, toenail fungus can have repercussions beyond your toenails. Should it come into contact with even the smallest cut or scratch on your foot, you may soon have a dangerous skin infection that could require extensive podiatrist treatment. Before your toenail fungus has the chance to cause this kind of harm to your feet, talk to a foot and ankle specialist about his laser treatment options for your condition.

Chronic Discomfort

In its beginning stages, toenail fungus may produce little discomfort. As a result, it is easy to underestimate the importance of treatment for it. The longer this condition persists, though, the more likely that you will experience pain because of it. This discomfort can interfere with your favorite sports and hobbies. It can also make it difficult to engage in more commonplace activities. Toenail fungus treatment is a simple, safe, and highly effective way to address this problem. In less than an hour, your foot doctor can use laser energy to eliminate the bacteria causing your condition. In many cases, it takes only a single session to get the results you want.