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Don’t Deal With Flat Foot Pain—Visit Our Sugar Land Office

Living with flat feet is a pain, literally. While those who don’t deal with this condition may not understand its seriousness, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists understand that flat feet pose a significant challenge to daily life. Our podiatrists are highly trained in procedures that correct flat feet, even into adulthood. Although fixing flat feet in children is less complicated, our adult flatfoot reconstruction procedure results in numerous success stories. Don’t continue living with the challenges of flat feet – get in touch with our Sugar Land, TX office for adult flatfoot reconstruction and more.

Causes of Adult Flatfoot condition explained by Podiatrist in Sugar Land, TX

What Causes Flat Feet and What Could Put Me at Risk?

People with flat feet have little to no arch in one or both feet, making their feet flat or near-flat to the ground. Many of our Sugar Land, TX patients with flat feet were born with them. However, flat feet are also caused by other factors. Flat feet may result from injury, arthritis, weak arches, or muscle diseases. Your podiatrist can provide you with a more extensive list of the specific foot and ankle conditions that could lead to flat feet. Additional factors that can result in adult flat feet include obesity, diabetes, and aging. Whatever the cause of your flat feet, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists is here to help you.

What Are the Symptoms of Adult Flat Feet?

In some instances, those with flat feet don’t experience any negative consequences. However, this is not the case for our Sugar Land, TX patients. Many individuals with flat feet experience high levels of foot pain, especially around the heel or where the arch should be. Pain and discomfort can extend through the ankle, calf, lower legs, hips, and lower back. If you’re experiencing significant pain in any of these areas because of your flat feet, seek adult flatfoot reconstruction at Sugar Land’s Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists. The following symptoms also cause you to get in touch with your podiatrist:

  • Feet flattening more over time
  • Newly-developed flat feet
  • Rigid, stiff, or heavy feet
  • Foot pain that doesn’t improve when wearing supportive footwear

Embarking on the Road to Recovery After Reconstruction

The good news for those undergoing a flatfoot reconstruction is that you’ll likely be able to go home the same day. However, the recovery process will probably be a little more extensive, especially If the procedure has been used to correct a severe deformity. For best results, be sure to keep your foot elevated at or above your chest. Try to do this regularly for the first two weeks after the surgery. You’ll want to stay off your feet as much as possible for six to eight weeks, or whatever period your podiatrist recommends. Crutches, walkers, or a wheelchair may be necessary while your feet heal. Other aspects of the recovery process might include:

  • A plaster cast
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Prescribed pain medications
  • Minor bleeding
Ankle Conditions and their Treatments in Sugar Land, TX

How Does the Reconstruction Procedure Work?

Adult flatfoot reconstruction is a complex process in adults, and different patients may require slightly different procedures. The surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and begins with an incision into the foot. The damaged tendon is either removed or cleaned, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. Other procedures might include lengthening the Achilles tendon or shifting and reconstructing the damaged bones. The reconstructive surgery involves various parts of your foot, depending on the cause and symptoms of your specific case. Your podiatrist can explain your specific procedure further, especially if your flat feet are caused by diabetes, injuries, arthritis, or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

Find Relief From Your Foot Pain in Sugar Land, TX

If you have questions or concerns about the recovery process, be sure to talk to your Sugar Land, TX podiatrist. The staff at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists is happy to explain the recovery process further or give you information specific to your condition.

If you’re tired of living with pain from flat feet and other remedies haven’t shown results, consider adult flatfoot reconstruction at our Sugar Land, TX office. The team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists is highly trained and skilled at performing such procedures. We’ve helped many a patient in the Sugar Land, TX area, and we’d love to help you next. Though individual results may vary, many of our patients report less pain in their feet and throughout their legs after one of our procedures. Contact our staff to learn more or schedule a same-day appointment for your consultation.

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