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Pediatric Surgeon at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

When you need a pediatric flatfoot reconstruction in Sugarland, TX, reach out to the professional team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists. For over a decade, we have been catering to children needing advanced care when it comes to foot and ankle trauma. With our state-of-the-art equipment and custom treatment plans, our team of pediatric foot specialists will help minimize pain and healing time so your child can comfortably live their life. Keep reading to learn more about flat feet and what our doctors and staff can do for your child.

baby feet

Systematic Approach to Pediatric Flatfoot

We will typically start treatment for discomfort associated with pediatric flatfoot by implementing stretching exercises for the heel cord. Next, we will incorporate shoe inserts that act as arch support to alleviate any remaining foot fatigue or pain. These approaches will often accompany physical therapy or casting to encourage flexibility often needed to support tight heel cords. If pain persists past these non-invasive treatment types, surgical solutions may be necessary.

What Is Pediatric Flat Foot Reconstruction?

Pediatric flatfoot reconstruction is described as several surgical procedures to correct the many issues associated with flat feet. Flat feet are hereditary and are caused by a muscle imbalance. Feet with low, relaxed arches may bring on such problems as hammertoes and bunions; arch, foot and leg fatigue; calf pain; and an overly tight heel cord. There is a wide range of treatment options from orthotics to reconstructive surgery, depending on the severity of symptoms. In order for our pediatric foot specialists to determine the treatment needed to address your child’s unique set of obstacles, we will need to run thorough diagnostics to learn the underlying cause of their flat feet. Because children’s feet are flexible and tolerate bracing well, orthotic devices are usually recommended as the first line of treatment for flat feet. However, if the pediatric patient still complains of symptoms, surgery may be an option. Some standard reconstructive solutions for children who do not outgrow flatfoot include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Bone cuts and realignment
  • Joint fusion
  • Tendon repair and transfer
  • Subtalar MBA implant

Pediatric Flatfoot Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms to be looking out for when it comes to pediatric flatfoot. Though it isn’t uncommon for young children to not fully understand how to verbalize the discomfort they are feeling from flat feet, adults should pay attention to the following indications of foot pain in their little ones:

  • Avoidance to walk far distances
  • Foot, ankle, or leg fatigue
  • An inclination to wear shoes at all times
  • Noticeable and unexplained clumsiness
  • Night cramps
  • Indifference to athletics or physical activity
  • Pursuing sedentary activities
  • Complaints that their feet are tired
  • Crankiness after running or playing
  • A desire to be carried instead of walking
  • Fatigue in the lower extremities
  • Expressions of low back or knee pain
baby feet

Flatfoot Reconstruction Surgery

Though there are a few different options for surgically improving pain associated with flatfoot, recent medical advances have developed new pediatric flatfoot surgery techniques. Our pediatric foot specialists can implement a small device that supports the arch and realign joints in children. The Subtalar MBA® (Maxwell-Brancheau arthroereisis) Implant is a small threaded titanium implant, which is inserted into the subtalar joint. It is designed to block excessive pronation of the subtalar joint to realign the foot, thus allowing normal joint motion and an improved arch. After surgery, the foot will be bandaged. In most cases, patients are placed into a CAM Walker® boot with crutches to assist in walking for the following four weeks and back to regular activity with sneakers and orthotics.

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If your child needs a pediatric foot specialist to help relieve their pain and implement treatment, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Sugarland, TX is here for you. We have years of experience catering to the foot and ankle needs of little ones. Contact us today if you think your child is a candidate for pediatric flatfoot reconstruction, and we will work together to get a diagnosis and care plan to fit your little one’s unique needs. We look forward to giving your child the foot and ankle care they need and deserve.

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