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Maintain Foot Health With Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

Foot health is easy to overlook. We’re often bombarded with messages about keeping a healthy heart, bones, and skin, but we rarely see the same importance attached to keeping our feet healthy. Considering your feet are what get you from place to place daily, this discrepancy doesn’t make much sense. Everyone should put the highest importance on maintaining healthy feet that will keep you moving throughout the years. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialistsis here to help the Sugar Land, TX community stay aware and keep up with their foot health. We’re a top podiatrist in the area, and we’d love for you to be our next patient. Schedule a same-day appointment now!

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Sustain Your Foot Health at All Ages With Our Help

One aspect of your foot health you can’t help is aging. As with all parts of your body, aging can take a toll on your feet. Diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory diseases most commonly affect the feet, but many people also experience loss of padding in the feet, bunions, and more. A plethora of age-related foot conditions affect the Sugar Land, TX population, but Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists is here to help you maintain healthy feet as long as possible. We recommend only wearing properly fitting shoes, walking regularly, and addressing any redness or swelling right when you first notice it. Ask our experienced team about other ways you can protect your foot health as you age.


Go for a Walk in Sugar Land, TX to Maintain Foot Health

The podiatrist at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists’ top recommendation for foot health is much simpler than you may think: walking. Not only is walking a form of exercise, but it also reduces your risk for circulatory problems in your feet, increases muscle in your legs, and staves off arthritis pain. Regular walking trips also help you relax, perhaps while exploring Sugar Land, TX. However, it’s essential to take note of the footwear you walk in. Make sure your walking shoes are lightweight, fit comfortably, and offer arch support. Talk to your podiatrist for more information on ideal walking shoes.

Comprehensive Pediatric Care for Children at All Stages

It’s an understatement to say that parents have a lot to worry about when looking after their children’s health. However, foot health is never something you want to take for granted, especially in very young children. Babies’ feet are growing at a fast rate, and you’ll want to make sure they’re growing properly. You’ll need to think about your child’s foot health again as they start to walk. Be sure to provide them with shoes with flexible soles. As they grow, you may need the expertise of a podiatrist as your child’s feet develop or they experience any injuries. The podiatrist at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists knows you have a lot to think about, so he strives to provide pediatric care that’s thorough and reliable. Bring your child into our Sugar Land, TX office for their first appointment or a follow-up.

Additional Foot Health Concerns for Women in Sugar Land, TX

Women often require specialized foot care as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes and nylon hosiery. Every woman knows that wearing high heels is painful, but they may be unfamiliar with the long-term implications of impractical footwear. Bunions and hammertoes are common results of wearing high heels, while nylon hosiery can leave you with fungal infections and blisters. Pregnant women will also experience more foot pain than usual. Their increased weight and changing body shape often result in swollen feet. If you’re dealing with foot pain for any of these reasons, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists can help. Visit our Sugar Land, TX office to learn some tips and tricks to alleviating or avoiding foot pain.


Keeping Your Feet in Top Shape Is Crucial at Any Age

No matter your age or gender, foot health is crucial. Neglecting your foot health can lead to several painful conditions in the future. In general, everyone should practice basic foot hygiene to reduce the risk of pain and discomfort and identify any foot conditions before they become a more severe problem. Performing the following hygiene steps regularly will help keep your feet in top shape:

  • Check for cuts or blisters, along with lumps that could indicate something more serious
  • Wash your feet every day, always remembering to wash between the toes
  • Never wear socks without washing them first
  • Don’t cut toenails too short
  • Refrain from trying to cut corns or calluses yourself

Address Foot Health Concerns With Our Sugar Land, TX Team

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, we’re dedicated to improving the overall foot health of the Sugar Land, TX community. Whether you’ve experienced an injury or think you may have a more severe foot condition, our podiatrist is here to help you. If you encounter a problem with your foot health, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We’re always happy to explain different foot conditions and assist you with scheduling a consultation. Contact us for more information or to set up a same-day appointment with our physicians.

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