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    American Counseling Association Logo I broke my ankle over 4 years ago. I have been to different doctors, had numerous procedures. Finally a Doctor who was truthful and EXPLAINED to me in language that I could understand […] Read reviews.

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    Susan D. from Plano, TX wrote: “I began seeing Dr Meyer when long-term bunion pain/hammer toe made it nearly impossible to find shoes and walking was increasingly difficult, too. He recommended surgery and the end result was excellent for both feet. […] ” Read the rest of the review.

  • One Patients Experience at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists

    One Patients Experience at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists

    Given its complex structure, the foot can be a particularly difficult part of the body to treat. This video testimonial attests to how the right foot specialist in Sugar Land is integral to the corrective care of patients.

    Some individuals with foot problems may be turned away from more than one foot doctor because of their complicated conditions. Such was the case with a patient who finally came to Dr. Lee at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists. Since coming to Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, she has received the appropriate care that she needed from a highly reputable foot doctor. Because of the exceptional treatment she experienced, she would highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone in need of a foot and ankle specialist.