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When to See a Podiatrist About Nail Fungus

Your local podiatrist can accurately diagnose and effectively treat an incredible array of problems that affect your feet, including nail fungus. While many people think of nail fungus as a minor inconvenience or merely a cosmetic issue, it can in fact lead to serious health problems. When left untreated by your Houston podiatrist, nail fungus can lead to permanent nail damage and infections that spread beyond your feet. While it’s best to visit your foot doctor sooner, rather than later, you should definitely take the time to schedule an appointment if the following factors apply to you.

If You Aren’t Sure of the Diagnosis

If a podiatrist has never diagnosed you with nail fungus before, you may be incorrectly self-diagnosing your condition. There are many foot and nail conditions that can mimic the abnormalities associated with nail fungus, such as onycholysis, a hematoma under the nail, psoriasis, and paronychia. By scheduling an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist, you can be sure that you’re getting the right treatment for your specific condition.

If You Have Diabetes

Diabetics need to take special care of their feet because of their tendency to have inhibited blood circulation and a higher risk of infections. If you have diabetes, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist promptly upon noticing any foot or nail abnormalities.

If Self-Care Treatments Aren’t Working

Occasionally, cases of mild nail fungus may be resolved with home remedies. These include scrupulously keeping the feet clean, filing off-white markings, and applying a liquid anti-fungal product. Unfortunately, without proper treatment from a podiatrist, nail fungus is apt to recur.

If You Observe Certain Nail Changes

For prompt, effective treatment of your toe nail condition, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible, especially if you notice certain changes to your nails. These abnormalities may include toenail deformities, discoloration, or thickening. By seeing a podiatrist as soon as possible, you can reduce the risk that you’ll suffer permanent damage to your toenails.

If you are in need of a foot doctor in Sugar Land, TX, visit Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists or call 281-242-3338.