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ankle pain

A ganglion cyst is a noncancerous lump of tissue, often found on the foot and ankle. Sometimes, they can cause discomfort, especially while wearing tight shoes. If you notice a lump on your foot or ankle, schedule a visit to a podiatrist and explore your treatment options. If the ganglion cyst is small and doesn’t cause discomfort, the podiatrist may recommend monitoring it to see whether it will resolve itself over time.

If treatment is needed, it may involve aspiration. The podiatrist can drain the cyst of fluid via a needle. However, sometimes a ganglion cyst will return after aspiration. In these cases, the cyst may need to be removed surgically. In the meantime, it can be helpful to modify your footwear. Your podiatrist can offer specific recommendations for shoes that fit your needs, and he or she may recommend placing a pad inside the shoe.

The podiatrists of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists look forward to meeting you and discussing your podiatric condition. You can reach our podiatry offices in Houston or Sugar Land by calling 281-242-3338.