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plantar wart

Plantar warts are benign growths on the feet caused by infection with human papillomavirus, also called HPV. Although harmless, plantar warts can be extremely contagious. They may be passed from person to person, as well as transmitted indirectly via handling or touching common surfaces. Plantar warts are common among young children, who may touch playground or school items that have been handled by a child with an HPV infection. Swimmers are also at higher risk for HPV infection and the formation of plantar warts because they may pick up the virus from showers or pool decks if protective footwear is not worn. Plantar warts will disappear on their own; however, you should take care not to walk barefoot to avoid spreading the virus to others. If you are concerned about plantar warts or have questions about other aspects of your foot health, contact your podiatrist to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Sugar Land offer treatment for plantar warts, athlete’s foot, foot and ankle injuries, and more. Contact us by calling 281-242-3338 to discuss your needs with an experienced podiatrist. You can find more information about foot health on our blog.