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tailor’s bunion is another name for a bunionette—a bunion that occurs by the base of the little toe, at the fifth metatarsal. Tailor’s bunions are less common than bunions but still require treatment by a foot doctor. If you believe you have a tailor’s bunion, see your foot doctor in Houston for care.

In some cases, a tailor’s bunion is the result of inherited problems with your foot structure and cannot be avoided. However, you can reduce your chances of developing a tailor’s bunion by talking to your podiatrist and choosing the right shoes. Avoid shoes that squeeze the front of your foot, such as pointy-toed shoes or shoes that are too small. Instead, select shoes that have a wide toe box. If you do develop a tailor’s bunion, see your foot doctor right away for treatment so you can prevent it from becoming worse. Changing your shoes, using bunion pads, and wearing a toe spacer can help ease your bunion. If your tailor’s bunion is large or is advanced, bunion surgery may be necessary.

stages of bunion development