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Know Your Nail Fungus Risk Factors

A fungal infection of the toenails may be caused by a wide variety of fungi. Additionally, there are certain factors that can raise your risk for toenail fungus. You may be at higher risk for the development of nail fungus if you have a history of athlete’s foot or have suffered an injury to a toe or nail bed. Certain sports or types of shoes can also cause injury and trauma that may raise your risk for a fungal infection. Those who suffer from excessive foot perspiration, diabetes, circulatory problems, and immune system illnesses or deficiencies can also be at higher risk for toenail infections. Your foot doctor in Sugarland can help you determine your specific risk factors, as well as provide the information you need to prevent a fungal infection.

Allowing a fungal infection to persist can lead to skin damage and even illness if the fungus enters your bloodstream. Fungus on feet will not go away on its own—you’ll need to visit your podiatrist for toenail fungus removal to ensure the issue is properly addressed.