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Your shoes play a big part in your foot health, and one of the top offenders when it comes to foot pain and injuries is stilettos. Although you may love the way your heels look with your favorite dress, sky-high stilettos take you one big step closer to a range of foot problems. If you’re dealing with foot pain in Sugar Land, talk to your foot specialist to see if your shoe choice could be to blame.

When you wear stilettos, you force your feet into an abnormal position, which is further exacerbated by the unnatural gait that is common with high heels. This can cause mechanical foot and ankle problems, bunions, and chronic foot pain. If giving up your favorite shoes entirely isn’t appealing, talk to your foot doctor about the best options for healthier high heels. Forgo stilettos in favorite of shorter heels, and look for heels that wider rather than spiked. Choose a wide toe box, and consider adding gel inserts to make your shoes more comfortable. Limit the amount of time you’re walking in heels to prevent long-term damage.

A women whit her heels off