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Bunions are often a chronic problem that can make finding suitable footwear challenging and walking without pain difficult. Understanding the circumstances that create bunions can help you better prevent them. If you already suffer from this issue, though, you likely need the help of a foot doctor in Sugar Land. A podiatrist can provide you with timely treatment that eases your discomfort and stems the progression of this common condition.

Why Bunions Develop

doctor massaging patient foot

Should you have bunions, you may find your footwear to be the cause. When you regularly wear shoes that force your toes to squeeze together, you may actually change the alignment of your toe joints. Especially when your big toe pushes toward your smaller toes, the base of it may jut out. The longer that you use footwear that creates these conditions, the more likely that you will have bunions because of it. However, bunions may also form for reasons beyond your control. A foot and ankle specialist may tell you to look at the feet of your parents. If they have bunions, you may be genetically predisposed to this problem. Wearing poorly structured shoes may only hasten it.

How a Foot Doctor Can Treat Bunions

You do not have to live with a lifetime of bunion pain. Getting appropriate treatment for bunions as soon as possible can not only save you from further discomfort, but also prevent you from needing more extensive foot care. If you notice a problem in the very earliest stages of bunion formation, your foot doctor may recommend replacing your current footwear with shoes more accommodating of your toes. He might also introduce padding or orthotics into your shoes so that the side of your toes experience less severe pressure. If these measures cannot alleviate your condition, bunion removal may be necessary. Bunion surgery can be tailored to your needs. For instance, your foot specialist may decide that taking off a minimal amount of bone from the side of your foot is all you need to restore your foot health. Should you suffer from severe bunions, the surgical realignment of the toe joints might be the better treatment option.