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Ganglion cysts are masses of tissue that contain a gelatinous substance and appear like a knot below the surface of the skin. They are the most common form of non-cancerous soft tissue mass and occur frequently on the wrists and top of the feet. In some cases, ganglion cysts go away on their own, but in other instances, surgery is required. Because cysts can reoccur after surgery, revision surgery is sometimes necessary. If your foot specialist in Sugar Land recommends revision surgery, here are some questions to ask.

Injured Hand

Why Did My Cyst Return?

Recurrence is the most common complication of ganglion cyst surgery. Although surgery is the most effective form of treatment for persistent cysts, it is still possible that the cyst will return for a number of different reasons. In some cases, inflammation may have prevented the foot surgeon from completely removing the initial cyst, which allows it to return in the future. In other cases, there is no clear explanation for the return of the cyst. Surgery cures between 75-85% of cases. The remaining patients are likely to have a cyst reappear.

Is Revision Surgery the Right Choice for Me?

Just because a cyst returns does not necessarily mean you need another surgery. If the cyst is small and not causing any discomfort, your foot doctor may recommend watchful waiting and monitor your cyst before recommending surgery. Aspiration may also be an alternative to revision surgery. Your foot specialist is most likely to recommend revision surgery if there is a clear reason for the recurrence of the cyst that surgery could resolve.

What Should I Expect From the Recovery?

The recovery from your revision surgery depends on the severity of your cyst. Your foot surgeon will tell you what to expect, such as how long you will need to stay off your feet and when you can resume your normal activities. In most cases, the recovery will be similar to the recovery time of your original surgery.