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Impairment of the lower extremities is a common cause of inactivity among seniors, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics. There are several signs of foot problems that podiatrists in Sugar Land see more commonly in older patients. Continue reading to learn about podiatric issues that tend to develop later in life.

The cushioning, fatty pads of tissue in the bottoms of the feet tend to lessen as someone ages, leaving the foot more vulnerable to podiatric problems and foot pain. Brittle nails and dry skin are also commonly seen, as are problems with the bone and ligament structures.

To maintain your foot health as you age, podiatrists advise having your feet measured regularly to help ensure that you are wearing properly fitting and supportive footwear. Also, choose shoes that have a firm sole and soft upper, and shop for shoes early in the day, as feet tend to swell later on. Finally, bathe your feet in warm water daily, trim your toenails straight across, walk regularly, and see your podiatrist twice per year.

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