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If your foot doctor near Sugar Land has recommended that you consider bunion surgery , you are likely to have several questions about what to expect. Your foot specialist will review the procedure with you and help you prepare. These answers to questions patients commonly have about bunion surgery will also help you get ready for the operation.

foot injured

Is Bunion Surgery Painful?

Bunion surgery has the unfortunate distinction of being thought of as a painful procedure. In reality, it is comparable to other surgeries. During the surgery itself, you will not experience any pain at all. Some post-operative pain is possible, as with all surgeries, however, your foot doctor can control your discomfort with pain medications as needed. Most patients report that the post-operative pain is tolerable, but if you find that you are not getting relief with your medication, alert your foot doctor so he or she can find the right pain management program for you.

How Long Is the Recovery?

The initial recovery period for bunion surgery is about six weeks, during which you will wear a surgical shoe. Except in the case of very large or complex bunions, you will not need to wear a cast or walk with crutches after your surgery. Most people are able to return to their jobs within two weeks. If your job is physically active or requires long periods of standing, you may need a longer absence from work. You will not be able to drive until you are off pain medication and your doctor clears you. Your return to driving may be delayed if you have surgery on your right foot or you drive a manual car.

Do Bunions Come Back After Surgery?

Although it is always possible for a bunion to recur after surgery, it is not likely. Some people have a higher risk than others because of excessive foot movement. Your foot doctor will tailor your bunion surgery specifically to your needs to reduce the chances of recurrence as much as possible.