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An Overview of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can affect anyone at any time. Though foot specialists often see children with this problem, men and women of all ages can fall susceptible to these growths. While a common condition, plantar warts can also be an inconvenient one. With the help of a Sugar Land foot doctor , though, many plantar wart sufferers can find fast relief from their problem.

How Do Plantar Warts Develop?

Plantar warts develop from viruses. In fact, they can be extremely contagious under certain conditions. The virus that causes plantar warts can thrive in hot and humid spaces, which is why podiatrists often warn patients to avoid going barefoot in public places. A person with even a minor cut on the foot can make it easy for a virus to enter through the skin and cause a plantar wart outbreak. Contact with someone who has plantar warts may also lead to the transmission of the virus and subsequent outbreaks.

What Can You Do to Prevent Plantar Warts?

Foot doctors caution that good hygiene is key for plantar wart prevention. In addition to wearing appropriate footwear in public, it is also important to maintain clean feet. Individuals who might work in environments where their feet may become wet or dirty should keep a change of socks and shoes to prevent possible contamination. People with children or spouses who have plantar warts should also be careful to avoid their feet.

When Should You See a Podiatrist for Plantar Warts?

Because of their contagious nature and rapid growth, plantar warts typically demand professional treatment from a qualified foot doctor. At-home remedies may at best result in no change to the warts, or at worst they may cause pain and infection. A foot and ankle specialist can use safe and proven wart removal methods to alleviate the problem. Patients should note, though, that plantar warts can be persistent, so multiple treatment sessions may be necessary before the feet are free of them. With early detection and wart removal care, however, patients can soon enjoy healthy skin and pain-free movement once again.