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When was the last time you visited a foot specialist in Houston? This expert can educate you about common toenail problems, making it easier to avoid these problems in the future! A visit to the foot doctor will give you more insight about toenail problems such as:

Fungal Infections

Onychomycosis, more commonly known as fungal infection of the nail, is one of the most common toenail problems seen and treated by foot specialists. Fungus that causes athlete’s foot can also create an infection of the toenail. This condition infects the nail as well as the skin that the nail protects. Symptoms of fungal infections include an unpleasant scent and darkening of the nail color. If you are concerned about infection risk, schedule an appointment with a foot doctor.

Toenail Injuries

Hurting your toes and toenails is frustrating, but did you know that it could also lead to infections or bone fractures? Toenail injuries commonly lead to other toenail problems, some of which require care from toe fungus doctors. Rubbing your toe repetitively on footwear, stubbing your toe, or dropping a heavy object on it can cause blood underneath the nail or even nail loss. This type of trauma can also loosen part of the toenail, making it easier for the area to become infected.

Hang Nails

Another common toenail problem comes in the form of hang nails. This term applies more to the skin surrounding the nail than the nail itself. Hang nails occurs when skin around the nail starts to tear or split as a result of being overly dry or a small injury. Dry skin can crack, causing hang nails to form around the nails. Cutting the cuticle or surrounding skin may also cause hang nails. The right cream can heal the skin and help you avoid future hang nails.

Ridges or Peeling Nails

Many people start noticing ridges on their toenails as they get older. Other people may notice ridges after using certain medicines or suffering from skin conditions. Peeling is another common concern that can be caused by nails that are wet a lot or nails that are exposed to harsh chemicals. Foot specialists can help treat and heal these concerns.