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Your foot health can have a demonstrative impact on your quality of life. If each step brings pain, you may need foot surgery. While foot surgery may entail a few weeks of rest and recovery, it can help you enjoy several decades of pain-free movement. A consultation with a foot specialist in Sugar Land can help you better understand the type of foot surgery that best meets your needs.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

The mild discomfort of an ingrown toenail can quickly evolve into severe pain and infection. Once the toenail penetrates the surrounding skin, topical medication may not be enough to alleviate the problem. Instead, a foot doctor may decide to perform ingrown toenail surgery. This procedure may require the removal of the toenail and damaged skin so that the toe can begin the healing process. To prevent any surgery-related discomfort, the podiatrist can provide appropriate pain relief aids.

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Ganglion Cyst Removal

Ganglion cysts do not normally contain malignant cells, but they can cause significant foot pain. These fluid-filled growths often develop in proximity to nerve endings in the foot on which they may press. This chronic pressure can then produce acute pain for sufferers. To eliminate foot discomfort, a foot and ankle specialist can remove the ganglion cyst contributing to it. This surgery is often an outpatient procedure and recipients of it frequently report a fast recovery period.

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes inflammation along the base of the foot. This region contains connective tissue that extends from the toes to the heel of the foot. However, the plantar fascia is often vulnerable to irritation. Individuals who partake in activities that may place considerable pressure on the bottom of the foot are particularly susceptible to plantar fasciitis. When rest and pain relief aids cannot alleviate the discomfort of this condition, a foot doctor may determine plantar fasciitis surgery the best treatment alternative. This procedure eases tension in a portion of the plantar fascia so that recipients can once again walk without pain.