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How High Heels Hurt Your Foot Health

How High Heels Hurt Your Foot Health

How High Heels Hurt Your Foot Health in Sugar Land Women who frequently wear high heels may be particularly prone to developing foot problems, including significant pain. If you’ve recently visited a podiatrist to explore the causes of your foot pain, he or she may have asked you about your typical footwear preferences. If you wear high heels frequently, your feet may no longer be able to function properly due to biomechanical impairment. This can lead to conditions such as metatarsalgia. This is a condition characterized by pain in the ball of the foot. Your foot doctor may also diagnose you with Achilles tendinitis, since wearing high heels regularly can lead to shortened tendons.

As your Houston podiatrist can inform you, wearing high heels frequently can even cause knee and back pain because of the biomechanical impairment. These serious health issues have prompted many podiatrists to recommend that women avoid high heels altogether. However, if you find it difficult to part with your stilettos, consider limiting the time during which you wear them. Your foot and ankle specialist may recommend that you wear comfortable flat shoes while traveling to and from work, and stashing a pair of fashionable shoes at your desk to wear around the office.

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