Ganglion Cyst Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Ganglion Cyst Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

 Expert Ganglion Cyst Removal Services

 Find relief from painful ganglion cysts with Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists’ specialized treatment services in Sugar Land, TX. Ganglion cysts, often appearing as lumps on the wrist or ankle, can cause discomfort and limit your mobility. Led by the expertise of Dr. Y. Bryan Lee, our dedicated team offers advanced solutions to effectively address ganglion cysts, providing you with the comfort and freedom you deserve. Explore our comprehensive services and schedule your consultation today.

What Is a Ganglion Cyst?

 A ganglion cyst is a noncancerous, fluid-filled lump that often forms on or near joints or tendons, most commonly found in the wrist or hand but can also occur in the ankle or foot. These cysts typically appear as small, round, or oval lumps beneath the skin. While the exact cause is often unknown, ganglion cysts are thought to develop from the joint capsule or tendon sheath and may fluctuate in size. While ganglion cysts are usually not painful, they can cause discomfort or limited joint mobility if they press on nearby nerves or tissues.

Ganglion Cyst Risk Factors

 Ganglion cysts can develop in anyone, but certain risk factors may increase the likelihood of their formation. Here are three common risk factors associated with ganglion cysts:

  • Joint or Tendon Irritation – Repeated or excessive stress on a joint or tendon can irritate the surrounding tissues, potentially leading to a ganglion cyst.
  • Gender and Age – Ganglion cysts are more prevalent in females and typically occur in individuals between 15 and 40.
  • Previous Joint or Tendon Injuries – Individuals with a history of joint or tendon injuries, such as sprains or tears, may be at a higher risk of developing ganglion cysts.

Ganglion Cyst Symptoms

 Ganglion cysts often present with distinct symptoms that can vary in severity. Here are three common symptoms associated with ganglion cysts:

  • Visible Lump – The most noticeable symptom is the presence of a visible lump or bump, typically located on the wrist, hand, ankle, or foot.
  • Discomfort or Pain – While ganglion cysts are usually not painful, they can cause discomfort or aching, particularly when they press on nearby nerves or tissues.
  • Limited Joint Mobility – Ganglion cysts near joints or tendons can sometimes restrict joint mobility. For example, a cyst in the wrist or hand may impede the full range of motion or make it difficult to perform specific tasks without discomfort.

How Are Ganglion Cysts Diagnosed?

 At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, ganglion cysts are typically diagnosed through physical examination and medical history review. Our team may evaluate the lump’s size, location, and characteristics. In some cases, they may use transillumination, a technique involving shining a light through the cyst to confirm its fluid-filled nature. Imaging studies like ultrasound or MRI may be ordered to visualize the cyst’s internal structure and rule out other conditions.

Conservative Treatment of Ganglion Cysts

 Conservative treatment is typically considered when the cyst is small, asymptomatic, or when the patient prefers to avoid surgery. In some cases, healthcare providers may recommend monitoring the cyst’s size and any associated symptoms over time to see if it changes or resolves on its own. If the cyst becomes painful or limits joint mobility or aspiration, a procedure involving the removal of fluid from the cyst with a needle may be considered.

Surgical Removal of Ganglion Cysts: Ganglionectomy

 Surgical removal, known as ganglionectomy, is a definitive treatment option for ganglion cysts that cause persistent pain, discomfort, or functional limitations. During this outpatient procedure, a surgeon makes an incision over the cyst, carefully excises the cystic mass, and may remove nearby tissue to reduce the risk of recurrence. While ganglionectomy generally eliminates the cyst, there is a small chance of recurrence. Postoperative recovery typically involves immobilization and physical therapy to promote joint function and minimize scarring.

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