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Pregnancy Feet Pain & Problems

Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists has been professionally treating pregnancy feet pain in Sugar Land, TX for more than a decade. Swollen feet during pregnancy are more common than you probably realize. Changes in body shape and weight can impact the feet in various ways, causing them to ache, swell, and sometimes change color and size. Becoming pregnant and undergoing the hormonal changes that accompany that can drastically alter how your feet look and feel. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, we understand and can expertly treat aches and pains in the feet and ankles caused by pregnancy. We are committed to helping expectant mothers relieve their pain.

Pregnancy-Related Feet Pain in Sugar Land, Texas

How Pregnancy Affects Your Feet & Ankles

Pregnancy can affect a woman’s feet and ankles in numerous ways – causing them to ache, swell, and even change sizes. How does this happen? The ligaments in the feet weaken, and the increased weight causes strain. Fluid retention causes swelling of the feet and legs, often requiring larger or wider shoes. The added weight gain puts extra stress on the knees, legs, ankles, and feet. Any pre-existing foot abnormalities, such as bunions or hammertoes, are exacerbated at this time. From bunions and hammertoes to Achilles’s tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and stress fractures, an abundance of ailments can target a woman’s foot during pregnancy. Overall, the body’s increased weight can negatively affect posture and create pressure on the knees, legs, and feet. This can be a painful experience for an expectant mother.

Foot Pain During Pregnancy or After Baby Arrives

Pregnancy alters a woman’s body in a variety of ways. Among the body parts that can suffer the most are the feet. Your feet will likely experience pain both during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. Foot pain, while often overlooked, can be immensely debilitating if left untreated. Dealing with foot pain amidst all else that pregnancy entails can be frustrating, to say the least. Swollen feet in pregnancy and swollen feet after pregnancy shouldn’t be ignored. If your feet have swollen to a new size, you should discontinue wearing your now-too-small shoes, and you should never remain on your feet for longer than necessary. Doing so can result in pain, more swelling, ingrown toenails, and more.

Treatment of Pregnancy-Related Foot Problems

With various pregnancy-related foot problems out there, we know our clients are interested in treatment options. We suggest waist-high maternity support stockings to treat swollen feet, increased foot size, and color changes. Putting them on first thing in the morning is the most efficient way to experience relief. To treat feet and leg cramps, we recommend stretching your calves often, wearing supportive shoes, and eating healthy, balanced meals. To treat plantar fasciitis, we recommend padding, tape, and proper shoe inserts. If none of those solutions prove adequate, we suggest visiting our Sugar Land, TX facility for professional treatment. Overall, the best thing to do to treat pregnancy-related foot pain is to elevate your feet above your waist. Additionally, refraining from eating salty foods and wearing comfortable shoes will help. Many of the foot problems that develop during pregnancy will resolve after giving birth. Unfortunately, these problems often increase during the uncomfortable later months of pregnancy.

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If you’re suffering from swollen or aching feet during pregnancy, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Sugar Land, TX can help. Our experienced team is skilled at treating a wide range of foot conditions. If you suspect something may be amiss with your foot health, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We will help alleviate your pregnancy-related foot pain with our professional services. Contact Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists for treatment today.

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