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Caring for Your Feet While You Are Pregnant

Foot pain and swelling are common during pregnancy and can make women extremely uncomfortable. In fact, the impact of pregnancy on the feet can be so significant that many women experience a change in shoe size after they give birth. Although most foot problems that occur during pregnancy are uncomfortable but easy to manage at home, in some cases, it is necessary to consult with a foot specialist in Sugar Land.

Weight gain during pregnancy increases the pressure on the feet, which can cause foot pain and swelling. Pre-existing foot conditions, like bunions and hammertoes, often get worse during pregnancy. Pregnant women are also prone to developing plantar fasciitis.

You can reduce your risk of foot complications during pregnancy by staying within your doctor’s recommended weight gain guidelines and by controlling the amount of salt in your diet to reduce swelling. When swelling does occur, elevate your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that don’t restrict your toes. If you experience persistent foot pain, visit your foot doctor for treatments that can help.

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