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What Are the Consequences of Ignoring a Bunion?

Bunions are painful protrusions that appear on the side of the foot on the joint where the big toe meets the foot base. Although bunions may only be mild annoyances at first, they can grow to require bunion surgery in Sugar Land . If you have a bunion, see your foot doctor as soon as possible. Ignoring a bunion can lead to serious complications.

Without bunion treatment, bunions can continue to grow. They will push your big toe inward towards the neighboring toe, which can be painful. Likewise, they can grow so large that is painful to wear shoes. When bunions progress to this stage, conservative treatments are unlikely to work, and you may need bunion surgery.

With early bunion treatment, non-invasive remedies can be helpful. Your foot doctor may recommend bunion padding, anti-inflammatory medications or injections, physical therapy, or orthotic shoes. While these treatments don’t completely get rid of a bunion, they can be effective enough in controlling your symptoms and slowing the progression of the bunion that you don’t need bunion surgery.

Bunion Surgery In Sugar Land