Run Out for the Right Shoes

Types of Shoes for Foot Health As any foot doctors will tell you, running in the wrong shoes can mean serious trouble for your foot health. Shoes that don’t give you the proper support can cause pain, increase your chance of injury, lead to blisters, and diminish your performance. How can you find the perfect running shoes for you? Start by knowing your foot type. There are three different classifications of feet, based on arch type. Your foot doctor can identify your foot type if you’re unable to determine it on your own. Find out how to match your running shoes to your feet in this infographic from Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists . Our podiatrist in Sugar Land can provide treatment for a range of foot and ankle conditions, including hammertoes, toe fungus, and ganglion cysts. Wearing the wrong shoes is a common problem for runners, so spread the word about how to choose the right pair by sharing this infographic.