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Are Seniors Able to Get Bunion Surgery?

Foot bunions are deformities that are characterized by the protrusion of a bony bump at the base of the big toe. Sometimes, bunions can be painful, especially if they’re large enough to rub ...
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Evaluating the Success of Your Bunionectomy

After you have undergone bunion surgery in Sugar Land, it’s normal to be anxious to determine if the procedure was effective. Because bunions sometimes reappear after treatment, patients often ...
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Beating Your Bunions

Bunions are more than unsightly. They can also be painful and make it difficult to walk or wear shoes. Although bunions are notorious for coming back after treatment, your foot doctor in Sugar Land ...
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Should You Consider Bunion Surgery?

Bunions, which affect women more often than men, might not be dangerous to your overall health, but they are certainly painful. They occur as the result of an enlargement in the joint at the base of ...
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Common Questions About Revision Bunion Surgeries

Bunions can be quite frustrating for patients, especially when they’ve already had bunion surgery once. It isn’t uncommon for initial bunion surgeries to fail, leading to the need for ...
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Revision Techniques for Patients with Bunions

Bunions are a painful foot deformity that may require surgery. Unfortunately, the first surgery doesn’t always fix the problem. If you’re frustrated by recurring foot problems, it may be ...
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Getting Ready for Your Bunionectomy

Bunions can be a source of ongoing pain and swelling that can affect your ability to walk and perform your daily routine. If you have a bunion, then your foot specialist may recommend that you undergo ...
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The Basics of Bunion Surgery

A bunion can cause significant pain and discomfort, and one can even make it difficult for you to walk, if not addressed. If you visit a foot specialist for bunion treatment in Sugar Land, then he may ...
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Recovering from Your Bunionectomy

During a bunionectomy, your foot doctor will remove the portion of the metatarsal head that is protruding to reduce the foot pain and pressure you are experiencing. The procedure is usually performed ...
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Prevention and Treatment of Bunions

Bunions—bony protrusions that appear at the base of the big toe—can be extremely painful and may interfere with your mobility. If you suffer from bunions, your foot doctor in Sugar Land ...
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Choosing Shoes when You Have Bunions

If you’ve been diagnosed with bunions near Sugar Land, it’s important to ask your foot doctor about how you can manage this condition. Your choice of footwear can play a significant role ...
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What Are the Consequences of Ignoring a Bunion?

Bunions are painful protrusions that appear on the side of the foot on the joint where the big toe meets the foot base. Although bunions may only be mild annoyances at first, they can grow to require ...
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Finding Relief from Bunions through Surgery

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your foot pain, then you may benefit from bunion surgery near Sugar Land. When left untreated, bunions can cause you severe discomfort and affect your ...
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Preventing a Tailor's Bunion

A tailor’s bunion is another name for a bunionette—a bunion that occurs by the base of the little toe, at the fifth metatarsal. Tailor’s bunions are less common than bunions but ...
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Answers to Patient Questions About Bunion Surgery

If your foot doctor near Sugar Land has recommended that you consider bunion surgery, you are likely to have several questions about what to expect. Your foot specialist will review the procedure with ...
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Bunion Surgery 101

A bunion is a foot deformity that causes one of the bones of the big toe to become enlarged and dominant against the outer edge of the toe. The deformity looks like a large bump, and it is made up of ...
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A Brief Overview of Bunion Treatment Options

The symptoms of bunions include a visible bump on the outer edge of your big toe, swelling, pain, and inflammation around the big toe, persistent pain, and difficulty in moving the toe. A podiatrist ...
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Reasons for Reconstructive Foot Surgery

If you’ve visited a podiatrist or a foot specialist for diagnosis and treatment of a foot problem, and have since noticed that your symptoms or ailments have reoccurred, you may be a great ...
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Foot Conditions That May Require Reconstructive Surgery

If you’re suffering from foot pain or heel pain, visiting a podiatrist can lead to a diagnosis and treatment options that can offer you relief. A foot specialist in Sugar Land will attempt to ...
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What to Expect from Bunion Removal Surgery

A bunion is a painful growth made up of bone and soft tissue that develops between your first and second toe. Bunions can make it very difficult to stand and walk comfortably. Bunion surgery performed ...
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Reduce Your Risk for Bunions with These Tips

Bunions are lumps of bones and tissues that develop on the outside of the joint as a result of abnormal stress on the joint. Without bunion treatment in Sugar Land, the bunion will continue to grow. ...
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Reconstruction Surgery for Failed Bunion Repair

Although bunion treatment in Sugar Land is mostly effective, there is a chance that the bunion can return after the procedure is complete. If your bunion is back and it is causing you to have ...
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Reconstruction Surgery for Flat Feet

Flat feet are the result of a muscle imbalance that is passed down through families. A person with flat feet is more likely to develop other issues like hammertoes, bunions, lower body fatigue, and ...
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What Are Good Shoes for Women with Bunions?

The need for bunion surgery in Sugar Land often results from wearing shoes that distort the natural shape of the feet. Women in particular are at risk for bunion formation. This video explains how ...
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A Patient's Guide to Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery in Sugar Land is often the most effective solution for alleviating bunion pain and dysfunction. Bunions are bone protrusions, so noninvasive treatment may only temporarily ease foot ...
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